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Practice Foundry is an independent type foundry and a collective space for showcasing the work of amateur type designers in Canada. Our goal is to create a stronger Canadian typographic presence.
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Mimic Roman 2009 Will Longaphie
Mimic Roman by Will Longaphie

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Mimic Roman by Will Longaphie

Mimic Roman by Will Longaphie

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Mimic Roman by Will Longaphie

Mimic Roman by Will Longaphie

Mimic Roman is a modern sans-serif face with even balanced strokes and a counters on a slight angle, giving it a 1950s retro look. This font is a result of my bad memory and experimentation.

Will Longaphie

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I have been working professionally as a graphic designer for over ten years. I've been infatuated with design since before the days of covered wagons and it is my drug of choice.

Type design is something I've always loved. Beautiful typography is incredibly hypnotic to me. It's unfortunate we don't see more of that. And it's an even bigger crime when our clients could care less about typography and design.

You don't need flowers and trees to build a beautiful world, just beautiful type.

Sans serif


Victoria, Canada