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Egypt22 2011 Ivan Kostynyk
Egypt22 typeface by Ivan Kostynyk

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Egypt22 typeface by Ivan Kostynyk

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Egypt22 typeface by Ivan Kostynyk

Egypt22 typeface by Ivan Kostynyk

Egypt22 typeface by Ivan Kostynyk

Egypt22 typeface by Ivan Kostynyk

Egypt 22 is an experimental font that is both geometric and symbolic. The reason the font is named "Egypt 22" is because it explores the concept of symbols in languages. We often forget that the first peoples used simplistic symbols to visualize the language and the world itself; These symbols are still used except they have become unnoticeable and refined to the point of incomplete perfection. This font is a set of visuals and symbols that combines geometric proportions with horizontal, vertical lines and geometric shapes. This hybrid combination offers new perspective of how I words and symbols are looked at. It also opens up new pathways of use, not only as a solid font, but also as creative element in Graphic Design.

Ivan Kostynyk

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Ivan Kostynyk is a 21 year old student, currently studying Graphic Design at Ontario College of Art and Design (University), going into second year in September. His interests are Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Industrial Design, Interior Design and recently, Calligraphy, Networking, Business, Technology. He occasionally designs fonts as a way to explore creativity and concept design.

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Toronto, Canada