What is the most popular gambling in Japan?Questionnaire Survey of 102 Japanese Gambling Enthusiasts


The “Public Competition Guide (https://practicefoundry.com/)” conducted a questionnaire survey on Japanese gambling targeting 102 Japanese gambling enthusiasts. “Public Competition Guide” is a gambling information site. We investigated Japanese gambling recommended for foreigners, interesting gambling, easy-to-earn gambling, etc.

Outline of questionnaire survey method

The outline of the “Questionnaire Survey on Gambling in Japan” conducted this time is as follows.

Investigation periodJune 14, 2023 (We) to June 18, 2023 (Sun)
Survey methodInternet survey
Survey targetJapanese gambling enthusiast
Respondent age7 people aged 20-24 / 10 people aged 25-34 / 43 people aged 35-44 / 32 people aged 45-54 / 10 people aged 55 and over
Respondent’s gender79 men / 23 women
respondent occupation40 office workers / 17 self-employed or company owners / 14 freelancers / 9 full-time housewives / househusbands / 3 students / 19 others

Survey questions and answers

Survey questions and answers.

Question 1. Which is the most interesting gambling in Japan?

Which is the most interesting gambling in Japan?


  • Horse racing 47
  • Pachislot 23
  • Pachinko 20
  • Boat racing 8
  • Bicycle racing 3
  • Auto racing 1

We have found that horse racing is the most popular form of gambling in Japan.Horse racing has a long history and tradition, and is known for its high prize money and thrilling races. Pachislot and pachinko are also enjoyed by many people, and pachislot in particular is popular because it has various themes and productions, and the element of being there.

Although boat racing, bicycle racing, and auto racing are less well-known and popular than other forms of gambling, they each have their own fanbases. Boat and racing races are gaining attention for their sense of speed and the skills of the athletes, while auto racing is supported by some as a novel gamble that incorporates elements of motor sports.

Reasons for those who answered horse racing
  • I think it’s interesting to watch the horses run. You can go there with your family on holidays, and I think the doors are open to a wide range of people, from relatively beginner to gambling people who are seriously trying to hit the jackpot.
  • Because various elements such as the horse’s pedigree, condition, weight, training status, jockey, course, and weather are involved, there are various ways to enjoy it, such as comprehensive consideration or simply choosing by intuition. Because it is interesting not only as a gambling element but also as a drama over one game.
  • The real pleasure of horse racing is the thrill during the race. Watching these majestic animals gallop through the course at lightning speed is priceless. The atmosphere of the racetrack, the emotions of the spectators, the anticipation of the race, and everything else is interesting, not just the race itself.
Reasons for those who answered pachislot
  • Although the element of luck is strong, I feel that the act of stopping the reel by myself attracts the hit. It’s fun to increase the number of cards that can be obtained with a technical intervention type stand, and in addition to production and gimmicks, it’s an element that can be enjoyed from nostalgic anime to idol stands.
  • It is a gambling that has developed uniquely to Japan, and not only does it convey that the manufacturer is researching how much interesting gameplay can be created within the regulations, but it also uses content such as anime, which is a specialty of Japan. Because it is more attractive.
  • Gambling, such as horse racing and boat racing, is a type of gambling where you bet on what others are doing, and you can’t control it yourself and rely on luck. Pachislot is fun because there are parts that you can control yourself, such as your own technique and compatibility with the machine.
Reasons for those who answered pachinko
  • From the Showa era to the early Heisei era, it was nothing to do with directing, just throwing the ball. However, nowadays, there are various playgrounds such as anime, dramas, entertainers and artists, and elaborate productions can be seen. There are even people who go to pachinko because of the appealing performance. I think that there is a glamorous production and a fun that makes you think it’s amazing just by looking at it.
  • Anyway, you can do it casually, and the screen is beautiful when you sit on the table. Also, the sound is also very particular, so you can enjoy a moment like a game. When I win, there are times when I can win close to the monthly income of a salaried worker, so I’m addicted to it anyway.
  • Pleasant feeling when you hit the ball, the excitement of the hot reach that will come out even after the stage is over, and how much money you have earned by knowing the number of balls thrown after you hit the pachinko parlor. You can start with a small investment that you can move in and out of.
Reasons for those who answered boat racing
  • Comparing the data of each player, there are many things to investigate, such as course entry prediction, start timing prediction, climate and temperature changes, the player’s strengths, personality, and teacher-student relationships. The process of deriving the solution is very interesting.
  • There is a sense of urgency and it is rewarding to know the results almost instantly. Also, when you see it up close, it’s impressive, and I think it’s interesting that it’s worth cheering. The fact that it is held every day and can be done at any time is also attractive.
  • It’s a gamble, but it’s done by humans, so it’s very interesting because it can lead to ups and downs and success. Also, you can bet on the race from 100 yen with one smartphone, so I think it’s very nice to be able to play in your free time.
Reasons for those who answered bicycle racing
  • In fact, factors such as the region and the relationship between players have an impact on the ranking. I want someone to win, and those who bet by looking at the comments feel like they are betting on psychological warfare. Also, this can be said for horses racing, boat racing, and autos racing, but the food in the hall is delicious.
  • It’s interesting how human psychology predicts conflicts between humans. I think it’s fun that way
Reasons for those who answered auto racing
  • With the tension of risking one’s life and the powerful sound of the engine, it’s fun enough to forget that it’s a gamble. With cool helmets and clothes, you can see the sight that families, mainly children, are happy to see. There is a handicap and more reasoning is required.

Question 2.Which do you think is the most profitable gambling in Japan?

Which do you think is the most profitable gambling in Japan?


  • Horse racing 52
  • Boat racing 20
  • Pachinko 15
  • Pachislot 10
  • Bicycle racing 3
  • Auto racing 2

You can see that there is a general perception that horse racing has the highest potential for earning money among gambling in Japan. Horse racing offers high prizes, and profits can be made through accurate predictions and information gathering. It is said that boat racing and pachinko can also expect a certain amount of profit, but pachislot, bicycle racing, and auto racing are said to be slightly inferior in terms of earnings.

Reasons for those who answered horse racing
  • I think it’s a gambling that can make a lot of money compared to pachinko and pachislot in that it can be many times, tens of times, or hundreds of times the bet amount. I think it’s attractive that the way it transforms is different from pachinko and pachislot. Even if the principal is small, there is a possibility that you can get a large amount of money that can turn your life around.
  • Unlike machines and computers, animals have some parts that humans cannot control. People with a certain amount of knowledge and information are advantageous in competitions that use machines and computer-controlled things, but animals do not always move as humans think, so even beginners have a chance to earn a lot of money.
  • When I was a student, my boss at my part-time job earned 1.5 million yen from horse racing. I have never heard of other gambling people earning this much money. Horse racing also has 10,000 betting tickets, so I thought that depending on the amount you bet and the 10,000 betting tickets, you can earn quite a lot.
Reasons for those who answered boat racing
  • Anyway, it’s easy to play. There is a boat race where the first boat wins over 70% in a race with six boats. If you don’t aim for a big hole, the winning rate is likely to increase. Also, if you buy online, you can compete anytime from 8:30 in the morning to night, 365 days a year.
  • There is a clear difference in ability depending on the person, and the characteristics of the boat race track and the good and bad of the machine are shown in data, making it easy to predict. I think it’s easy to play. You can set the purchase amount high, so I think you can earn that much.
  • I think that the inside is the most advantageous, and if you think about several patterns of opposition, you can win. However, winning can be difficult. It seems that the shortcut to victory is to handle the numbers in a hard match. It’s a matter of probability, but the statistics of past patterns will be a good reference.
Reasons for those who answered pachinko
  • If you study pachinko and choose a machine properly, you will almost certainly be able to increase your funds. In other gambling, even people who have been playing for a long time often miss out, but in pachinko, if you deepen your experience and knowledge, you can steadily increase your funds. But that takes time and patience.
  • There is luck and bargaining, but I think it’s a gamble where you can earn money because you can get results in a short time. There are wins and losses in any kind of gambling, but in pachinko I don’t have the impression that there is a big difference between losing and winning if you don’t play the wrong table.
  • When considering gambling from the point of view of “earning money”, I think that the problem of “deduction rate” cannot be ignored. From a long-term perspective, such a way of thinking may be the most profitable.
Reasons for those who answered pachislot
  • Because there is a setting, you can guess with small winnings and bonus numbers. There are a number of ceiling games, and hyenas can play. Since it is easy to enter the settings for the opening of the new store, expectations are high when visiting the new store. If it is a store that does not reset, you can aim for the overnight ceiling. Some models can be confirmed by directing.
  • Unlike public gambling such as horse racing and bicycle racing, the shops are open until relatively late, and the gambling base is wide, so there are many participants, and it is possible to firmly determine the probability of winning, which is called machine discount. Then you can continue to make small wins in a row.
  • We play pachinko every day, everywhere. Only pachinko and pachislot allow you to “continue playing until you win” as long as you have the financial resources. As long as you don’t aim for a big win, I think it’s possible to play “not to lose” on a platform that has found a strategy. Therefore, it is suitable for making the most money.
Reasons for those who answered bicycle racing
  • Both the competition and the mechanical part of the bicycle have the least amount of room for chance elements, and the only thing that exists is the compatibility between the players, so I think it’s a gamble that reflects the ability of the players the most, and the favorite wins. Because it feels easy.
  • I don’t know much about anything other than horse racing, but I have an image that boat racing is often determined by a solid formula. On the other hand, there is an image that there are many races with high dividends, even though there are only 5 to 9 cars per race. If you carefully select the races you buy, you have a high chance of winning, so I think you can make money.
  • The odds are relatively high compared to other gambling, and if you think about the line and development based on the data so far, you will often hit. On top of that, if you buy low-risk wides without being blinded by greed, I think you can definitely make money.
Reasons for those who answered auto racing
  • It’s a game where you can see the profit rate besides betting on seeing the bike run, so it’s satisfying to watch. It’s a sport that I want to support, so I go there many times a month. It’s a gamble that you can learn by watching because it’s a game that conveys not only technique but also the atmosphere.
  • 64 ways? Since there is only about so, I feel that if I buy all of them, I will be able to collect them someday, 6400 yen even if you spend 100 yen on everything. I think that the probability of collecting and winning is higher than other things when a big hole comes. Recently, there are lottery tickets for auto racing, so I think I can still make money.

Question 3. Which type of gambling in Japan do you think is the most beginner-friendly?

Which type of gambling in Japan do you think is the most beginner-friendly?


  • Pachinko 57
  • Horse racing 16
  • Boat racing 13
  • Pachislot 10
  • Bicycle racing 5
  • Auto racing 1

You can see that pachinko has a strong image for beginners among Japanese gambling. Pachinko has relatively simple rules among gambling, and even beginners can enjoy it relatively easily. In addition, pachinko is rich in game elements and presentations, and offers a unique enjoyment.

Horse racing and boat racing are also gaining a certain amount of support as gambling for beginners. One of the pleasures of horse racing is to make predictions and collect information about the race, and even beginners can enjoy it by using horse racing newspapers and information sites. Boat races also have a sense of speed and excitement, and there are easy-to-understand rules for beginners.

Reasons for those who answered pachinko
  • There is almost always a pachinko machine in any small town in the countryside, and they are scattered in front of the station and along the completed road, so you don’t have to worry about traffic access. It can be used from a small amount and the results are immediate, so I think it is a gambling with low hurdles even for beginners.
  • If you hit the ball, you will hit it sooner or later. I don’t think it’s difficult even for beginners because the screen will tell you what to do. However, if you lose, that person will not be able to experience the fun and will not play it again.
  • Because it has the most game nature, and there are many models that are elaborately designed, so you can enjoy it alone regardless of age or gender. Especially recently, the store has become cleaner than it used to be, and the number of dangerous looking people has decreased, so I think I can enjoy it casually.
Reasons for those who answered horse racing
  • As entertainment, it is becoming popular among families and women, so I feel that even beginners can easily play it. Especially since Uma Musume has become a hit recently, I think that there is a sense of familiarity with horse racing among various people.
  • Because G1 races often use famous celebrities in TV commercials to appeal their appeal, I feel that gambling has faded. It’s nice to see that the racetrack has been designed to hold events where women and children can enjoy themselves for the day.
  • Even if it’s a guess, it’s just buying numbers, so there’s a lot of chances to win. It’s fun just watching the horses run, so it’s recommended for beginners. I think it’s easier to have fun by buying with your favorite numbers. Conversation is lively, it’s an easy-to-enjoy gambling, and it’s safe to start with a small amount.
Reasons for those who answered boat racing
  • There are few racers who can participate, and there are races that are often settled by the top popularity, so I think that it is a gamble that is relatively easy to predict and easy to win for beginners. Also, it is attractive to be able to narrow down the purchase of triples, and I think that it is a public gambling suitable for beginners.
  • One is the number of dates and the enhancement of services such as Internet voting. Also, the hit rate is relatively high, so you can enjoy winning from a small amount. In addition, the boat race course is spacious and open, which helps relieve stress, and various food menus are available, so you can enjoy it all day long.
  • If you buy a single win, the winning rate is 1/6, and the first place is expensive for 1 course and 2 courses, so it’s relatively easy to win. In addition, the splash of water makes it look impressive, and the motor sound is loud, so it’s fun to hear. Course is simple and easy to understand.
Reasons for those who answered pachislot
  • The graphics are beautiful, so you can play for a long time. There are many models that have collaborated with anime etc., so it is easy to fans from other fields to join. Recently, smoking has been banned, so you can play in a beautiful space. Easy to access as it is everywhere. High recovery rate.
  • You can have a relatively fun feeling just by hitting. Unlike other types of gambling, there is less loss when you neglect to collect data, and even if your balance is negative, you can still see the performance even if you lose, for example, by playing your favorite anime.
  • The number of pachinko parlors is much more familiar than horse racing, boat racing, and bicycle racing, and it feels easy to get there. There is no doubt that it is easier than buying a betting ticket, the rules of slots are intuitively understood, and it is simple but difficult to match the same marks, and I feel that even beginners can enjoy it.
Reasons for those who answered bicycle racing
  • It’s a match where you can see the future as you bet on how the bicycle runs, so it’s satisfying to watch. It’s a sport that makes me look forward to it, so I go there many times a month. It’s a fun gamble to watch because it’s a game that conveys not only technology but also future prospects.
  • I think it’s a sport that anyone can easily understand. I think it’s easy, because it’s just to predict the 1th and 2th numbers. I don’t think the rules are that difficult, so I think it’s for beginners. Also, the game ends in a short time, so there is also the point.
  • You can start with a small amount (minimum 100 yen), and you can play it every day from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, 365 days a year. Above all, the balance between the hit rate and the average payout is good in gambling. The rules are simple, just guess which player is likely to win. You can choose to be inspired.
Reasons for those who answered auto racing
  • Auto racing is attractive for beginners. Since the race is done by bike, you don’t have to drive yourself. Even for the first time, you can understand the rules and how to bet in a short period of time, and you can enjoy it. You can also join from a low bet amount, so you can gain experience while minimizing risk. It is easy to watch, and you can enjoy the power and speed of the race.

Question 4. Which type of gambling in Japan do you think is most geared toward overseas travelers?

Which type of gambling in Japan do you think is most geared toward overseas travelers?


  • Horse racing 43
  • Pachinko 39
  • Boat racing 9
  • Pachislot 8
  • Auto racing 2
  • Bicycle racing 1

It can be seen that horse racing and pachinko have elements of gambling in Japan that are particularly attractive to overseas travelers. Horse racing and pachinko are known to be symbols of Japan’s gambling culture, making them an interesting experience and entertainment for overseas travelers.

Reasons for those who answered horse racing
  • I think the excitement of a racetrack is like a festival. I think tourists will be excited, and there is a delicious restaurant in the racecourse, so I think it’s worth going there. It’s a selfish image, but pachinko and pachislot have a strong black image, so I don’t want to recommend it to people overseas.
  • Horse racing is also gambling in the world. There are some rules that are unique to Japan, but I think they are almost the same. Although there are differences such as the riding grounds, the horses are numbered and run in the same way. The betting methods are almost the same for single win, double win, horse ream, triple double and triple triple.
  • I think horse racing is perfect for overseas travelers because it offers a unique and exciting experience that introduces the cultures and traditions of many countries. Horse racing is competitive, and sports enthusiasts flock from all over the world to watch the most prestigious race of the year.
Reasons for those who answered pachinko
  • I think the elaborate performance of Japanese pachinko machines will catch the eye of foreigners. You can’t help but feel the amazingness of Japanese technology as the music, visuals, and action are so elaborate. Also, many of the pachinko machines have anime or idol themes, so it should be a good opportunity to get in touch with Japanese culture.
  • If you are an overseas traveler with a relatively short stay, I think pachinko is good because it is easy to play and the rules are simple. There are many in town, so you don’t have to go out of your way to play, and you can play for a short time. The hurdles are low to feel the atmosphere and experience Japanese gambling.
  • I don’t think there is pachinko outside of Japan, so I think overseas travelers will enjoy it. You will be pleased if it is a rare gambling. One of the attractions is that you can enjoy it with a small amount of money. Since pachinko is so popular in Japan, I think it will become popular with people overseas as well.
Reasons for those who answered boat racing
  • In some countries, horses are sacred animals, so it may be difficult for foreigners to understand the feeling of making money by running horses. If it’s a boat, it has elements of F1, so it’s beautiful to look at, and I think it’s powerful and worth seeing.
  • I don’t think there is a boat race overseas, so I think it’s a novelty. Only 6 boats will participate, so I think it will be popular with foreigners because it is easy to understand and relatively easy to play, and you can enjoy it for a small fee. It may also be a good idea to visit to immerse yourself in the open atmosphere of the racetrack.
  • Since there is a high possibility that foreigners do not understand Japanese in the first place, it is difficult to make predictions based on old data. However, there are only 6 boats in the boat race, and the 1st boat often wins the first place, so you can enjoy just looking at the numbers. There are so many races, so it might be a good idea to go sightseeing.
Reasons for those who answered pachislot
  • Game entertainment: Pachislot is characterized by gameplay that incorporates elements such as extravagant staging, special effects, and music. This allows us to provide a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. Overseas travelers are interested in Japanese game culture and technology, and are sometimes fascinated by the entertainment value of pachislot.
  • I thought it would be easy to enter the store because it can often be seen in large towns even in rural areas. There is also a pachinko machine in collaboration with animation, so I think that overseas anime fans will be pleased. I think it’s an advantage that the threshold is low because you can choose the price of one ball.
  • I think pachislot, which has the same mechanism as a slot where you simply press a button, is the easiest to enter. There are pachislot machines with stories that everyone can understand, such as sea stories, so I can recommend them. On the other hand, all of the above are for Japanese who understand Japanese, and I think it is difficult for foreigners.
Reasons for those who answered auto racing
  • I think auto racing is the most powerful form of gambling. The speed of the motorcycle is amazing, and above all, the sound is amazing and the presence is amazing. I think that people from overseas will definitely get excited if they see this gambling, and I think it will be exciting.
  • I don’t think there is a competition like Japan’s auto race overseas, and I think that even foreigners can be surprised and enjoy the sound and power of the impact. The only drawback is that, as with any gambling, there are many smokers and it may be uncomfortable.
Reasons for those who answered bicycle racing
  • I think it’s a thrilling and exciting gamble. Also, I think that people who ride bicycles on a daily basis have a sense of dignity, can empathize with them, and enjoy watching them, and the silhouette of the competition is beautiful, so I think it is a sport that foreigners will enjoy.

Question 5. What is the average amount you spend at one time gambling in Japan?

What is the average amount you spend at one time gambling in Japan?


  • From 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen 48
  • From 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen 43
  • Less than 1,000 yen 8
  • From 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen 2
  • 100,000 yen or more 1

In Japanese gambling, you can see that the amount of money spent at one time is spread over a wide range. Many people seem to enjoy gambling with moderate sums ranging from ¥1,000 to ¥10,000. Prices ranging from 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen are also popular.

The amount of money spent at one time varies greatly depending on the individual’s financial situation, gambling attitude, and budget management method, so it is thought that the results are uneven. Some people may choose to enjoy small amounts and choose a less risky style, while others may gamble higher amounts.

Question 6. What is the maximum amount you have ever made from gambling in Japan?

What is the maximum amount you have ever made from gambling in Japan?


  • 100,000 yen or more 47
  • From 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen 21
  • From 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen 18
  • From 10,000 yen to 50,000 yen 14
  • Less than 1,000 yen 2

It can be said that while some people make high profits in gambling in Japan, many people stay at moderate or lower returns. It is difficult to earn high profits, and elements such as luck, skill, and knowledge are required to succeed.

While gambling can be highly lucrative for some, it also involves risks and losses for many. Because gambling has a strong element of luck, there is a certain degree of chance in earnings.

Question 7. What is the most profitable gambling in Japan in the past?

What is the most profitable gambling in Japan in the past?


  • Horse racing 37
  • Pachinko 31
  • Pachislot 29
  • Boat racing 2
  • Lottery 2
  • Auto racing 2
  • Bicycle racing 0
  • Invalid answer 2

You can see that horse racing was the most popular gambling among respondents. Horse racing has been popular for a long time. Also, there were many answers about pachinko and pachislot, and it may be possible for some people to earn big profits from gambling.

Answers of those who answered horse racing
  • In the Takarazuka Kinen horse race, I won one point each for Umaren and Wide. It has more than doubled with a bet of 150,000 yen.
  • On the recommendation of a friend who loves horse racing, we decided to challenge the Arima Kinen that year, became a million betting tickets.
  • In a horse race I don’t buy in a year, I was looking at the newspaper and a number flashed across my mind, so I won, and I won big. I was so pleased with that that I bought again the following week and won big again. But I haven’t won a single horse since then.
Answers of those who answered pachinko
  • I earned 100,000 yen at pachinko! It was my first gambling experience, and I was overwhelmed with surprise and joy at the unexpected results. The rules are simple and fun, and I was able to make memories with my friends. But don’t forget to budget and play responsibly! Gambling also has an element of luck, so it is important to enjoy it with self-control.
  • After noon, I went to a pachinko parlor and sat on a table that had no hits. Winning with 10,000 yen and winning with 500 yen takes a different amount of time, and I was immersed in a sense of superiority.
  • I have earned 140,000 yen at pachinko. I often go to pachinko reluctantly when people invite me to it, and I know very little about the rules. At this time, my husband was playing pachinko on the table next to me. Rather than me winning, I can say that I won because of my husband’s eyes that saw through the table.
Answers of those who answered pachislot
  • Won more than 100,000 yen at Million God slot machine. In the evening, the table that was spinning more than 1,000 times happened to be vacant, and I sat down and got a big hit at about 3,000 yen. As you know, the waves are rough and it is normal to lose more than 100,000 yen.
  • I have earned about 120,000 yen from pachislot. With the No. 4 normal A type, I got the first hit at the first 1000 yen, and after that it was stable and I won about 8000 pieces as a result of not having a big hit. The model at that time was able to distinguish the setting, so the setting was discriminated, and the setting was 5.
  • Pachislot, just when I thought I was going to get one today, I grabbed just 3,000 yen, and in an hour, I got 1 more 0.
Answers from people who answered boat racing
  • I purchased 1,000 yen and won against the odds of about 60 times in a boat race.
Answers of people who answered lottery
  • I have a good memory of winning 10,000 yen in the lottery a long time ago. Luckily, I bought it on my way home from work at a sales floor near a department store, which was rumored to be a hit.
  • What I bought for 200 yen in the lottery turned out to be around 900,000.
Answers of people who answered auto racing
  • When I multiplied 100 yen for 3 consecutive auto races, it came to 58,000 yen.
  • Triple in auto race

Summary of questionnaire results and impressions

Summarizing the results of the survey, opinions about the fun and enjoyment of gambling were diverse. Horse racing, pachinko, and pachislot are particularly popular, and each type of gambling has its own charm, and you can see that it is chosen according to individual tastes and interests.

Horse racing and boat racing also received the most votes when asked what gambling they thought would be lucrative. It may be possible for some to earn a large amount of money. However, gambling is difficult to obtain reliable profits, and requires luck, skill, and knowledge.

When it comes to gambling for beginners, pachinko received the most support. The rules are relatively simple and easy to understand, making it an easy choice for beginners.

When it comes to gambling for overseas travelers, we found horse racing and pachinko to be popular. These gambling experiences seem to be an attractive option for overseas travelers as they allow you to experience elements and culture that are unique to Japan.

In terms of the average amount spent at one time, the range from 1,000 yen to 10,000 yen received the most votes. It is important to manage your budget while enjoying gambling, and you are required to play according to your personal budget and playing style.

As for the answers about how much they could earn in the past, the most common answer was 100,000 yen or more. It turns out that for some people it can be very profitable. However, personal experience and luck also play a big part, so you won’t always get the same results.

From the above, we can see that gambling is a matter of personal preference and experience, and that it is important to manage your budget and play responsibly while having fun. Remember that gambling is a risky activity that requires self-control and good judgment.

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